Butterball Turkey Fryer 28:30 Infomercial

The Butterball Turkey Fryer Infomercial Production was a huge success. A true testament of having a true vision to introduce a product to market, have the retail distribution channels in line and to accept success. Through the years the product changed as did the video production. RW had a nice partnership throughout the process and was able to learn a great deal about the order flow that comes form a direct to consumer effort that has interest in retail. RW started working with this product in its first generation and watched is grow. Starting with direct to consumer with a small amount of retail distribution the production and selling proposition had to be effective. We helped educate consumers and buyers about this new technology which ultimately lead to massive success. Based on the quality and name behind this product led to a major endorsement which ultimately led it to just about every retail shelf that sells these types of products. Over the years the brand grew to a full scale retail distribution product. Although the product and the team behind it had a lot to do with it's success we like to think we played even a small roll in its success.

Butterball Turkey Fryer